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Jewelry for us does not -only- works for styling and decorating the human body, but to wake up sensorial experiences.


Creating pieces since 2014, always searching for something more than just pleasant aesthetics and pushing now more than ever the limits of normality and experimental androgynous perceptions in fashion.  


Currently, we see jewelry as an object tilting into an art piece more than an accessory. We see it as a conversation starter, a possible carrier of symbolic meanings, free from any rule or order: just as art does.

Terracotta is a project that emerges from the sturdiness of fine metals and stands for the malleable virtue of sterling silver: 

Though, resistant and hard when cold, but nobleductile and adaptable when warm.

Jewelry for us, proposes an aesthetic experience of a reflective nature: it can be the amulet that holds memories, feeling, and intentions.

Redefining the poetry of material things with each piece we produce, in an ethical and responsible way that honors both the jeweler and the jewelry, designed and handcrafted in México City.

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