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Product care

Every piece we create is meticulously handcrafted, tailored exclusively for you. At Terracotta, we prioritize sustainability by avoiding overproduction, ensuring that each piece is crafted with care and precision upon your order.

Please anticipate a production timeframe of 1-2 weeks for your unique item, followed by a shipping period of 3-5 days.

Upon placing your order, you will promptly receive a confirmation email. Once your handcrafted piece is ready, we will provide you with a tracking number to follow its journey to your doorstep.

Sterling Silver and Solid Gold Jewelry:

Our jewelry is crafted to last a lifetime, but it's important to note that natural oxidation may occur over time. To maintain the brilliance of your pieces, we recommend the following care:


  • When not wearing your jewelry, make use of the special flannel we include with every order. It contains two sides treated with chemicals designed to keep your piece clean and shiny.

  • Factors such as environmental salinity, skin pH, and exposure to chemicals can contribute to darkening. If this occurs, you can restore the shine at home. If needed, we offer a Maintenance Service where we use ultrasonic cleaning and re-polish the piece, but there are also home methods to keep it clean.

How to Clean Sterling Silver and Solid Gold:

  1. Immerse your pieces in hot water with liquid soap or baking soda.

  2. Let them soak for a few minutes.

  3. Gently scrub with a soft brush to remove any dirt.

  4. Finish by using a clean, dry cloth to buff and restore the luster.

Laminated Gold and Gold-Plated Jewelry:

Our gold-treated pieces exude a radiant finish, but with time, this treatment may lose its shine. To ensure their longevity, follow these care instructions:


  • Store each piece individually in its cloth bag to prevent scratches.

  • Regularly clean your jewelry with a clean, dry cloth.

  • Avoid exposing your jewelry to substances like chlorine, cleaning fluids, grease, perfumes, creams, sweat, or shampoo. If you're using a cotton product, it's best to put your jewelry on at least 10 minutes later.

  • Protect your jewelry from prolonged exposure to both natural and artificial light.

Please be aware that the plated treatment may wear over time. If needed, you can always return it to us for a Gold Plating and Maintenance Service.

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