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Every piece is handmade specially for you.

We avoid over producing unnessesary product, so our jewelry is carefully handmade to order.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for your product to arrive.


Once you make your order, you will recieve an email with the confirmation.

When your piece is ready, we will send you a tracking number.

General recommendations

· Store each piece individually in its cloth bag to avoid scratching each other.
· Clean frequently with a clean, dry cloth.
· Avoid exposing your jewelry to substances such as chlorine, cleaning fluids, grease, perfumes, creams, sweat, shampoo, etc. If you are in contact with a cotton product, we recommend putting your jewelry on at least 10 minutes later.
· Avoid exposing them to artificial or natural light for long periods of time.

Product care

· Sterling silver pieces:

Your silver jewelry is made to last a lifetime, however, the oxidation process on metals is completely natural. To avoid this, we recommend using a clean and dry flannel to clean your pieces when you’re not wearing them. It's important to know that factors such as salinity in the environment, skin’s pH, and contact with chemical chemicals can cause darkening of the pieces. If this happens, you can clean your pieces at home.

How to clean the silver: Immerse your pieces in hot water with liquid soap or baking soda. Let them sit for a few minutes. You can use a soft brush to remove the dirt. Use a dry a clean cloth at the end.


· Laminated gold, and gold plated jewelry:

These pieces have a special gold treatment to give them that golden and shiny finish. With the passage of time, this treatise can become dull or worn-out, so like any special garment it requires specific care.

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