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Ímpetu is a project that emerges from the sturdiness of fine metals and stands for the malleable virtue of sterling silver: 

though, resistant and hard when cold, but noble, ductile and adaptable when warm.

Jewelry for us, proposes an aesthetic experience of a reflective nature: it can be the amulet that holds memories, feeling, and intentions.

Photography by Almendra Isabel ©

Redefining the poetry of material things with each piece, Ímpetu 2023 is a collection of fine handcrafted amulets in sterling silver, 18k gold, fine gems and natural pearls; holding an energy of movement, strength and momentum with each piece. 

Ímpetu was created with an intention of power, intensity and drive that is completed when the amulet finds it's owner, creating a meaningul synergy in a protective and growing way.

Photography by Almendra Isabel ©

Shop our Ímpetu Collection
in 925 Sterling Silver & 18k Gold Vermeil:

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